Spiritual Drawings


My Drawings. It all started suddenly.

In 2002 I took “Psychic Children” Course with James Twyman.  At the beginning of the course each of participants was supposed to connect with the energy of the physic child who was willing to work with us.

When I connected with the energy of the boy, it came with a full story, name and a picture. It was a total surprise. In an impulse I turned over the flyer I had on my desk and traced the child’s face, which was “looking” at me from a blank page. I remember I wasn’t happy how one eye came out, so I erased it and attempted to “improve” it. It was a very silly idea. I didn’t realize that when I came out of the trance I couldn’t draw.  After that I let the drawings the way they were coming without interfering.

And they kept coming. Some of the faces came with a story, some quietly.  Some of them were loving and cheerful, some- dramatic and scary.

Now I have around 1000 drawings in my collection. Most of them are the size of the palm or even smaller. Among them are my personal Guides, pictures of me in different incarnation.  There are lots of pictures intended for other people. Sometimes I draw the picture long before I actually meet the person on that picture. For some mysterious reasons I had to put a date. Thus I drew the picture of my husband six months prior to our actual meeting. Then, there was a moment of recognition.




Henrick 1537


Green Jester


Chief Face




Woman Face


Father Cupuzio