Heart Resonance Therapy (HRT)

Rifa Hodgson has received her Heart Resonance Therapy( HRT) Advance Practitioner certification from Trevor Gollagher, the founder of this modality.

What is Heart Resonance Therapy?

HRT is a powerful yet simple healing modality, the medicine of the future.

HRT may be transforming a disharmony in the body to a state of health and well-being.

HRT may awaken new energy pathways within the body allowing the body to utilize a higher spiritual light frequency.

The HRT practitioner may resonate for you a powerful “Divine Love Centered” energy field that may transform dis-ease through the process of entrainment.

The HRT practitioner may travel on to any level of a person’s existence to instigate powerful and positive shifts by clearing emotional stagnation which may reside in the body.

The HRT practitioner may be able to actually clear residual energies that aren’t serving a useful purpose and invoke a deep sense of lasting and profound relaxation.


  • Heals emotional blocks and life issues
  • Awakens and strengthens intuition
  • Enables you to live your life in a state of allowance and gratitude
  • Opens new energy channels and pathways in the body to give and receive healing energy
  • Lifts you into a higher vibrational field to allow for physical healing/attunement.
  • Promotes alignment of the conscious-self with the soul’s path and purpose
  • Brings a lasting sense of joy into your life
  • HRT may provide a deep sense of peace and content that may have a potential to affect your life even days after receiving only one treatment session.

HRT can be used alone or combined and enhance  other modalities, such as Hypnosis  or other forms of therapy, you may be seeking or undergoing.

Heart  Resonance (HR) is a new form of vibrational  healing that is simple, yet so powerful. The HR system was developed by an Australian, Trevor Gollagher over a 15 year period drawing from his 30 years experience with healing and channelled information from above.