I believe there are no coincidences in life. Every interaction is a door, an opportunity. You have a choice to take it or move along.  
 Are you curious?

I would like to invite you to join me in my journey as I am growing and evolving as a human being. 
As I share my inspirational stories, I hope that you may relate to these experiences in your own unique way.
My Goal is to Engage, Inspire and Empower You.

For the past 40 years I have been assisting people to transform their lives, first as a teacher in Moscow, then as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, with a specialty in Past Life and “Life Between Lives” Spiritual Regression Hypnotherapy.
 And now something new and exciting is emerging.

It took me seven years to gather the courage to create my first website, to be  “visible”. The thought that someone may discover me and what I do made me feel vulnerable.
 “Be quiet, Shhhhhhh… it’s safer this way…”
The light went on during the “Millionaire’s Mind” seminar by T. Harv Eker.  
 I realized that it was my old upbringing, my old belief that was talking. It may have been a wise decision when I lived in the USSR, but now it’s holding me back.  I created my first professional website, Adventure into Time and Beyond, then another one, Hypnosis for Fertility. It felt OK, it felt safe.

Now some years later, I feel there is a greater need to share.

Deep inside me are memories of other times where I have chosen not to share due to the fear and lack of trust. There are memories of the deep regrets, as the consequences  of these decisions. What a waste!!!!
I am now going through a miraculous transformation. Some of you may find that we are on the same page. For some of you this stage is already behind and you remember how it was. And for some,
a miraculous transformation has not arrived yet. No matter where you are in your  life journey, we have something in common. We have chosen to be here, on the planet Earth at this exciting, yet challenging time.
Welcome to RifaHodgson.com!

~ Under “Professional Services” You will find information about Hypnosis, Childhood and Prenatal Regressions, Past Life Therapy and Life Between Lives Spiritual Hypnotherapy. 
  If you are looking for natural ways to improve your Fertility or Childbirth with Hypnosis you may find it here as well.
  You will also find some information on “Heart Resonance Therapy”, the vibrational healing modality and  since 2012, I have been offering a “Soul Body Alliance” ©  my personal method on Skype and in office.

~ You can browse through “Spiritual Drawings”, the faces of spiritual guides and people from other times and other places. These faces have been coming to me for over 15 years. The faces are “looking” at me from the blank pages or other surfaces, waiting to be discovered, to be captured, to be seen.

~ You can also check out my brand new Blog. My English may be questionable, but I hope I will get the ideas across regardless.  I HOPE YOU WILL GET THE MESSAGE. I HOPE WE WILL HEAR EACH OTHER.